The cause of my never-to-be happiness

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 18:15 -- ._.


The only thing that makes me happy I'll never have,


this means, I'll always sulk, always be sad.


This thing is not an item, a toy or a song,


if you said that he was, that would be wrong.


His personality is warm, sweet and nice,


unlike mine, which is as cold as ice.


He is known for being emotional and moody,


most people think of him as, "the guy with the hoodie."


His eyes look like big beautiful stars,


or, perhaps even the planet Mars.


He likes to doodle on his arms,


I like to think of it as one of his charms.


I stare at him, through my hair,


remembering the time he hugged me, it was only a dare.


I always give him everything I have,


which is pretty much nothing, so I steal, i know, it's bad.


And when I look into his eyes.


I feel lost inside.


But I know he'll never love me,


so I just hide.


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