Continuity of an Insomniac

It's 5:23 am and I'm wide awake, as a matter of fact I think this is as awake as I've ever been. I have to pick my clothes up from the cleaners at 9:00, I have class at noon, I have an essay due at 10:00, and I have got to clean my room. But you would think that I have nothing to do, because my mind is completely consumed with thoughts of you. My insomnia adds fuel to the flames, because you have no way of knowing that your words tug on my memory like guitar strings and your kisses leave traces of sweet venom in the creases of my lips. How can I rest knowing these things? It's 5:23 am and these thoughts weigh heavy like a thousand bricks, so you tell me how I can get my 8 hours with the weight of the world on my bed...


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


talk about thought provoking words

very sincere

i would say write about an inspiration, what drives you.......

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