No movement; a life switched to pause

Because of you

A shore with no waves


No sleep

It's been days 

My thoughts are so deep

I'm running through an endless maze


Images racing through

Belief, awe, and wonder

Stick with me like glue

It seems I'm going under


But I'm not sleeping

Not awake

Suddenly I'm weeping 

Have I made a mistake?


A face materializes 

And I realize it's yours

So many disguises

Too many doors


A man I see

A boy no longer

I want to run and flee

But am I stronger?


My heart was healing

And then you appeared

What I'm now feeling is not so clear


I love you more than ever

Do you even have a clue?

You've always been clever

I suppose you do 


But now's not the time 

For hate

For love 

And rhymes

I simply need a new beginning and you're not mine



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