My ribbon-less Lilian

She was beautiful beyond compare
young, brunette, and fair
I could not help but call “Hello there!”
My dear and beloved Lillian.

She wore a short but pretty sundress
that’d surely make any young man confess
that they yearned for this little temptress
My lovely and charming Lillian

She wore a ribbon around her neck
when asked why she began to fret
that ribbon I’ll never forget
My bashful and blushing Lillian

We would marry in a matter of days
but the ribbon never did stray
as for why she never would say
My young and wedded Lillian

At each moment the ribbon stayed on
when asked she startled like a fawn
I wondered if something was wrong
My darling but fretful Lillian

The ribbon began to bother me
for I lusted to know the meaning
but never would she tell me her reasoning
My elusive and secretive Lillian

One night I begged and begged
on my knees I pressed against her legs
“I wish I could tell you” she said
My sorrowful and saddened Lillian

That night I could not fall to sleep
I felt awful for making her weep
but my obsession was already too deep
My soon to be ribbon-less Lillian

I could not wait anymore
so I ripped it from her neck, Oh the horror
as her head fell from her neck to the floor,
and in bed beside me was the gore,
from my lovely who would love me no more,
alas I know what the ribbon was used for,
if only I had chose to ignore!

My lover my darling my young pretty bride
My sugar my beautiful my light of my life
Oh why I wept, OH WHY? I cried

My headless and ribbon-less Lillian


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