Unwanted Invisibility

Sat, 04/26/2014 - 18:35 -- ._.


I wish he could hear me.
I yell, I plead.
He can't hear my screams.
He can't hear me when I sing.
I am invisible to him.
Just another annoying fan.
But that's not who I am.
I feel for him.
I love him.
Personality and all.
I'de catch him, 
so he wouldn't fall.
He can't see it, 
but I love him,
I love Kip.
He knows too much about me,
he knows my secrets,
he knows my sins.
He watches my every move.
But why?
Why am I the one to choose?
It's like he knows I stare.
It's like he knows I care.
But it's not fair.
I look at him through my hair,
but he knows.
For I am the one he chose.
We're friends, but still shy.
I still sometimes hide.
He helps me out,
When I'm in self-doubt.
And I keep him happy,
because that's who I am
it's me.
there's someone else,
he has a crush on her,
he told me.
But, there's one thing,
she's my friend.
and she knows, she's seen.
She doesn't like him back.
but that doesn't faze him.
What is it that I lack?
Is it that I dress all in black?
Is it that I always draw him?
or maybe it's because I'm invisible.
I'm magical.
He can't see me.
he's the lock,
and I've lost the key.
Am I insane?
       Because I seem to always be in pain...


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