When I look into his eyes,

 I see everything I love

 I see the stars from above,

 When I look into those amazing eyes


 When he holds me in his arms,

I feel safe and complete

 I feel a tingle from my head to my feet,

When he holds me in his strong, loving arms


 When he touches my hand,

I want to pull him into an embrace

 I want to stare at his gorgeous face,

When he softly touches my hand


 When he whispers sweet things in my ear,

 I can't help but cry

 I can't help by give a love sick sigh,

When he whispers those sweet, loving things in my ear


 When I kiss his soft lips,

My heart wants to jump for joy

 I fall deeper in love with this boy,

 When I kiss his soft, wonderful lips


When I think about him

My knees go week

When I dream about him

It’s him I seek


He is my life and my joy

I can’t stop loving this boy


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