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A little sparkle. That’s what you were. A little blue cross A little green pulse A little heartbeat Of pure spirit That lit us up with love. Your struggle for the chance to be born
One pink line, and a second very faint  bus as I am at work; I must show restraint thoughts of abortion, perhaps birth and adoption?  Swirl my mind as I search for options.   
I prowl the internet late at night and everyone tells me it’s terrible for sleep but I do it anyway. I learn a lot from the late-night internet and
If you were here I would give you a big sweet smile I would tell you how world is, I will teach you how to dance Even take you in my arms, everyday my sweet child
  Goodnight sweet baby.  It’s our last night together.  I wish I could kiss you goodnight, but I never will. 
My Love   I’ll never get to hold you in my arms.  See you smile or laugh.  I’ll never get to see who you look like, or who you would have become.  I never met you, but I love you.   
Why? Can you tell me why? My heart is crushed, sad, blue My heart and arms are aching To hold and be with you * I close my eyes and think of how You brought such joy to me
I woke up one morning covered in red, but this was different. Everything made sense now, the sickness. My angel gone. It wasn't supposed to go like this. I wasn't supposed
I didn't know you were here until you had gone.   I didn't get to say hello, only goodbye.   I didn't get to love you, until you could only be loved.   Only seven weeks with us,
My dearest little one:   What words are there to say? To pass between strangers, Stranger, my very flesh and blood Between an expectant older sister And Heaven's smallest saint?  
one day I will forget, push the memoryhard enough to hit the bone of my skulland explode into fireworks, quicklyspreading across the tile until they d
I wonder what life would be like if my brother made it alive   would I have been alot happier? I wish I could apologize   To my little brother who didn't make it 
Have you ever lost something You loved so much? It’s not so much that you couldn’t find it But it was just gone.
I never knew how it was possible To love someone so much Someone I did not even know Starring at that second line, which meant a positive Words cannot explain- the emotions felt that day
I never knew how it was possible To love someone so much Someone I did not even know Starring at that second line, which meant a positive Words cannot explain- the emotions felt that day
call the coroner, someone smells like spirits half decayed. crawl in the corners, somewherein the burrowsof your flesh. corpse in the cradle, somethingin your cervixsmall and dead. 
My body is a tomb yard. I have not lost one, but two now. And my heart is so heavy, It makes me wonder how I don't sink. Concieved out of cluminess, Concieved out of love, 
Dear Addison, It's momma. Happy birthday. Today is the day I guessed would've been your birthday. I think about you every day, and I love you very much. I'm sorry I never got to hear your heartbeat.
And now you're gone, Just like a petal torn off a flower after a gust of strong wind. The wind of life carried you away while you were still sweet.. Goodbye. Your aroma still lingers, lavender.
Nine years and twenty five days old             That's what you'd be now, what you are now             Fifty two days our hearts beat as one             Your only heartbeat I knew was your last
As I sit in this room today, I see a bright futures of Doctors that will find a cure for cancer Lawyers that will participate in the trial of the century
A wicked approach; Vetoed By a holy vote. Sin drivin, U turns, Now forgiven. Repent, A child came, a child went, A joy in heaven; but for now, We lament.
It's funny because I said I had dad issues
My insides were once a forest. Beautiful Nuturing. It has since been torn down. It is a grave now.
The hardest thing I've ever done Was admit I lost a childBefore I stopped being one.
Twinkle Twinkle Big bright star Our precious baby you`re not so far. When I`m sad and feeling alone, I close my eyes and know you`re in heavens home. Every day my heart aches,
It lacks the sound of your beating heart, rather, there’s no beat at all. Where was my mistake? It lay somewhere between conception and damnation.   The names I have picked out for you are now just
  God sent me to a wonderful woman. She was the person who I wanted to call mommy. SHe was the one who felt me grow inside her.
I met him in my dreamsI could hear him in my headI'm not sure what it all meansBut im holding on by a thread I write and think of you
Great night for fireworks
You are not alone Same feeling, different situations
The soft skin, the delicate touch, those big eyes staring up at me Oh, what i wouldn't give to have that The cries in the middle of the night, the late nights of comfort, the early morning cuddles
Only seven weeks ago You were just a dream A figure of my imagination With it bursting at the seams
"I've never done this before can we just take it slow?" "Yeah don't worry girl i'll be gentle." "Wait.. you have a condom right?" "Nah but it's ok I'll be sure to pull out...."
kicking, screaming twisting, turning my heart is broken  and feel like its burning   she was mine and now is gone her name was athena at three months along  
Jacob was a guy about the size of a fly. I don't know what to say but I can at least try I look to the sky and let out a sigh Wondering why he was made just to die   Perhaps named Ella, torn from her womb.
When I was in school I was taught About STD's and contraception. I was taught about free clinics  And birth control that won't make you fat Or will make you fat. I learned that a woman can get pregnant from
Her baby is here. She comes back emptyhanded.  She cries every day.   
She is mysterious  Yet comes in many ways She works for an eternity Works with no mercy She's an awesome multitasker She never rest She causes broken families Shes heartless, and ruthless
Birth control.  In school they teach you, Birth control, No condom, no baby, But maybe an std or HIV.  We are young, we are naive. We are virgins, who want a bad boy.
    I had a dream that you were alive,  and you told me not to cry.  You whispered in my ear, that God took you in his arms,
I wish it had been a dream. I wake up in the night. Covered in sweat and full of fright. The pain is terrible. My thoughts unbearable. My muscles contract. I have to face facts. It's not my time. I feel a chill run down my spine.
Time to make mistakes, take a chance, kiss the summer fling, and hold hands till sun set. I'm here to grow up not down. Kiss the stars and wink at the moon. I've got a heart on full health
I should be complaining im not comfortable, That my feet are swollen too, Instead I’m here crying, Wishing I still had you.   I should be buying tiny clothes, Pink socks or blue shoes,
Two tear drops were floating down my face, as i sit and wonder why you were taken with out a trace. I know we are not suppose to question the man above, but why did he have to take my unborn love?
"Where would I find you if you weren't there to find?  Would I look for you deep down inside?  Or would I stop to think about you every time I passed a park? What would I find to fill the emptiness in my heart? 
Days and days go by Weeks and weeks past Still hurt by what has passed A life that I can never get back Mistakes are made that are hard to face But at the end of the day I still feel the same way
To my anonymous adolescent, I’m sorry. Sorry for suppressing your existence and never giving you the chance to clock in and serve your time here on this earth.
Positive. It's positive. How can this be? I was so careful, so vigilant, how can this happen to me? Two pink lines have turned my world around, but I can't think of just me anymore. I have a baby to keep safe and sound.
I left the birthing house a while ago. A haven of mournful mothers and cries of new breaths pierced the air— absent the slap of fathers.  
Two lost souls tangled in the rapture of youth, One spoke lies while the other breathed the truth. A fantasy of love they both had fallen for, But the boy was too imperfect; the young girl yearned for more.
While I walk into a house, there is a sorrow that floats in the atmosphere. I breathe it, I see it, I lived it. I walk into a room, and picture blood. Blood where, blood there. The mattress, I stare. A woman lay, in pain, she can't gain.
You know I sit and remember when you were still a part of me, I went for months not knowing you were there inside of me. I had all the signs; I had all the symptoms And yet your mama was stupid, i made the wrong decisions.
GOD, it Hurts & you understand: m{I}s{C}a{R}r{I}{E}{D}:::::::
One day a light came into my life, A light so pure and meek. It warmed my cheeks and twinkled in my eyes, This light that shone so sweet.
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