Lost Souls

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 03:10 -- shamzah


United States
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Two lost souls tangled in the rapture of youth,
One spoke lies while the other breathed the truth.
A fantasy of love they both had fallen for,
But the boy was too imperfect; the young girl yearned for more.
The two dived into a stream of hidden ecstasy,
Neither feeling guilty for their marital vacancy.
Caught up in the passion, neither thought beyond their limbs,
Hormonal pressures rising, they acted on their whims.
Days gone by and weeks crept up too,
A month's time was missed and the girl was overdue.
The boy had disappeared, not a sound of him to be heard from.
The girl trembled at the thought of what her fetus was to become.
Driven by insanity of why the boy did not reach out,
Feelings of caring surely came to doubt.
Everyday the girl stressed of where her companion could be,
But the force had weighed on her body and what had fallen from her was a baby.
The gruesome mess covered the floor and she rushed to clear the stains,
No matter how hard she scrubbed, she couldn't rid her life of the pains.
She cried and cried her eyes out, trying to figure where she went wrong.
But the time he never spent went fast and the span of his distance grew long.
Now the girl tries to live her life, happiness forced upon her face.
She builds her gates of protection and keeps her body laced.
Looking to destructive merriment to fill the void in her life,
She falls victim to negativity and continuous strife.
The boy finally caught a glimpse of what pain she goes through,
But even if he felt the cut, the wound of hers to him was completely taboo.
She lies to herself everyday and quietly sits in gape,
Even if she tried, the truth she can not escape.
The harsh reality of losing both love and life at once,
The girl prays and prays that god blesses her with bunce.
Even though the guy she came to adore no longer shows desire,
The girl will simper through the pain and her eyes will no longer perspire.


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