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Positive. It's positive. How can this be? I was so careful, so vigilant, how can this happen to me? Two pink lines have turned my world around, but I can't think of just me anymore. I have a baby to keep safe and sound. How can I do this, my God, I'm only fifteen. Please let this somehow be a terrible dream. Oh, what will my mother and the child's father say? Will they still love me at the end of the day? My mother is hurt, and she is trying not to cry. The disappointment in her eyes makes me want to die. This new person's father is scared because we are so young. How can we raise a baby if we haven't even grown up? Finally we cry together as we try to figure out this new-found life. We begin to smile and get excited because we decide to become husband and wife. This burst of happiness is short lived, two months to be exact. At my first ultrasound I am told my son is gone and they can't get him back. A hole in his heart, a tiny pin prick in such a small place, has caused a gaping wound inside me that no love can replace. But over time I have healed, and I have learned to smile. I have found happiness knowing one day I will meet my child. I hold my head up high as I hold my fiance's hand. We didn't give up on our love, we firmly took our stand. As we sit and contemplate our son, all we can do is smile. We think of our Ambrose Jasper, beautiful and strong, if only for a little while. So we wipe away the tears and stay positive.



really good. it reminds me so much..... youre good,

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