I should...But I'm Not


I should be complaining im not comfortable,

That my feet are swollen too,

Instead I’m here crying,

Wishing I still had you.


I should be buying tiny clothes,

Pink socks or blue shoes,

Instead im still trying to cope,

With the unbearable news.


I should see you in a few months,

Counting down the days,

“It will just take time”.

It’s what everyone says.


I should be reading you stories,

And singing lullabies,

Just know that mommy and daddy,

Weren’t ready to say our goodbyes.


I should be laying you in your crib,

With soft little hats upon your head,

But far far away,

You are with God instead.


I should be holding your hand,

And kissing your boo-boos.

Just know you were the one,

I never wanted to lose.


I should hear your tiny cries,

And see your happy smile.

But I know you are in heaven,

And I will see you in a while.



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