My dearest little one:


What words are there to say?

To pass between strangers,

Stranger, my very flesh and blood

Between an expectant older sister

And Heaven's smallest saint?


What words are there to say

But lonely, echoing why's

In hidden, tear-stained nights?

Everything for a reason?

I cannot understand.


What words were there to say

When they asked me how you were coming?


How could I tell them

What I could not tell myself?


What words were there to say

To this grieving little girl

Trying to be so strong?

Words failed them.

They left her in silence mourning.


What words are there to say

But a whispered "I love you"

Though you broke me down,

Shattered all hope,

And refused to take me with you?


What words are there to say

To all those candy-sweet voices

Who say you never were?

If only that were true,

I would not be so torn apart, missing you.


What words will there be to say

When my final breath expires

Every tear wiped away

For every why an answer

When at last I find you in His arms?


Until then I shall remain

Ever waiting,

Feebly praying.

Your wordless sister,


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My family
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