M Word


It lacks the sound of your beating heart,

rather, there’s no beat at all.

Where was my mistake?

It lay somewhere between

conception and damnation.


The names I have picked out for you are now just

flat letters that you will never get the chance to fill out

 with the weight of your personality.

I can’t seem to remember.

It was something like Alaya,

or Ayden.

 Maybe it was Aria,

or Amir,

or Ahmad.

But now,

it is something like Gone.


The pieces of me that

would have been reflected in you

now stand without a home, without hope.

My eyes,

reflected by you,

 dark endless oceans.

My nose,

reflected by you,

an upward hill.

My laugh,

reflected by you,

a sweet ode to my love for you.


My hopes have been crushed by a singular

 bead of light.

My mind hangs in the balance

between mournful and loathsome.

The emptiness in my stomach is killing me.

I grew to use to mornings spent looking down upon

the curve of your presence and saying,

“For you.For you I will pull down the sky

and keep the sun forever shining

upon your face that is so much like my own.”



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