Little Lost Cowboy


Laguna-Acoma High School
United States

  God sent me to a wonderful woman. She was the person who I wanted to call mommy. SHe was the one who felt me grow inside her. She was the one who heard my first heartbeat, and also heard it drift away.

  I wish that God would have let me stay... I wish He would have let me experience the love mommy would have gave me.

  I am her son, but also her Little Lost Cowboy.

  I love watching her live her life. I do wish I was there, I know she does too. But God brought me back to heaven so mommy could have someone to watch over her.

  Hold her when she's sad and give her a hug when she needs it. Give her a smile when she realizes I'm here.


                       I Love You Mommy,

                  Your Little Lost



~In Loving Memory~ 


~Tristian Jai Chee~

(Mother's Day 1996)         


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