One day a light came into my life,
A light so pure and meek.
It warmed my cheeks and twinkled in my eyes,
This light that shone so sweet.

The light kept grow day by day,
Each day a little brighter.
Although at times it did sway,
And might heart stopped with each flicker,
My light kept shining more and more.
I knew it was here to stay.

One day the light seemed to be
The brightest in my life.
But when I searched I couldn’t find it.
My light was nowhere in sight.

I worried about my small bright light
For days it seemed, although it simply hours.
Then I heard a cracking voice.
My light had lost its power.

I suffered shock and disbelief
But soon I saw the truth.
My little light was no longer bright,
It couldn’t warm my cheeks.
I knew something for certain though
That in the shelter of my heart,
The memory of my little light could never grow too weak.


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