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Sksksks And i oop Hit or miss Maybe uwu   Soon to be meaningless to generations gone by Like all else in the world Tik Tok will one day die.   RIP VINE 2013-2016
Pray for the impossible, Preach for those before Learn to find what’s possible And make a future to live for  
In the sun, My skin gets darker, But that is not my fault, The heat, Makes people uncomfortable, But that is not my fault, Kids play with water, As though we have some to spare,
It’s the sigh of relief after you hold your breath. Growth. Suffocating because I chose to be rooted to my problems. Growth.
In times of passion they empty love to find the hate, that lead us through this hell to heavens open gates In this way we are blessed, to be together is our fate
What nights, what days, my life spent in splendor.  Even though I am a humble schizophrenic, I am also a college graduate.
They were terrified of his knowledge and astonished at his rage. How hard it is to see a man fall So hard, So far, So fast It’s like how you think you’re alone
I blush the color of a pink blossoming rose when I think of how you’re in my life. I could travel to a thousand mountaintops and none would make me shiver the way you do.
To live without words, Is like living without life. Speak out and be heard.
Don’t foresee Everything With discontent   A day Will come For you too Beauty Is not something That is concerned To the way you look The only thing
Let it fly, fly aloneSince it has a formAnd fibres fineMade by hands divineHappy is HeAnd beautiful is itAlways full in dressFinest of all the insectsIs the butterfly!
Reptile; Cold scales abraze my once soft flesh, An egg that never hatched. Now basking under hell's sun is hell's son Parents tell me "do better, You don't want to go to hell...son."
Shhh, little baby Draped in your mother's white cloth, Your tears won't do her any good.
To Say im different than you would be a misconception Im the same as you niggas.... Plus a few exceptions I dont give a fuck about your life or ideologies Dont write for you! nor anybody
All is one in the universe, son. You need not fear, we all end up dying young. Remarkable fortune will surely appease Your preoccupied mind and your failure to see That salvation is in front of your eyes.
Crimson cool droplets
You determine your success your life is up to you. Hard work, dedication, determination. Till its the only thing you know.  The struggle is real struggle is the only thing you feel.
Congratulations. Success is in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, my palms are sweaty and my heart beats at a rate you wouldn't understand. Everything seems bland, since I don't give my colors a chance.
Uplifting? You want to hear about Something uplifting? That's something That's supposed to Make you feel good, make You dietarily regular, make you Want to eat yogurt and dance on
 "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God.
         Pain has brought me to the fear of being alone now. These are words that may, NO, can never escape my lips. They need me to be strong. I can't let them see me cry. Why you ask, because my strength is all they got.
When you look me in eyes , i feel like melting away. When i dont talk to you , i feel like i cant go another day. The way you say my name, makes me want to jump with glee.
First time i saw her i thought nothing of it, She was another face, among thousands. Another body, among millions. But a spark, a spark that would set my body on fire, Her beauty was not striking, her body less so.
FIRST STANZA: I bet you feel overwhelmed, full of fear and a tad bit of stress. It's your freshman year, in a new school and don't know what to expect.
Taking A Loss By: Eric Turner To know how it feels to lose someone that was never really there, yet you wanted them very badly to be...
Tell me about how the end of the world Tell me about how much we have been fighting for. Should I hold on to the ideas of how I wanted to save this world by myself?
When was the day that I felt the heat? Was I lifeguarding on Jackson street? Was I pouring salt on a customers fries? Was I organizing silk sewn ties? Did i ring up that DVD correctly?
A writer’s sword is a pen Green, blue, red, black, yellow ink Inside a long plastic contraption It spews words exempt for bigotry And hatred. A writer’s pen stops magic from happening during a
Right when Im feeling high, and im lifting off the ground, you look up into the sky, and you reach and pull me down, Youre like a tick without a feeling,  youre a parasite I swear,
i just snuck into a smoke shop 
Taking pictures half naked Smoking and drinkin to try and forget your father left Breaking your mothers heart for getting suspended from school for being half baked
Can you see from my clothes,    all the things I know.   Adorned from head to toe in mediocrity.   I use to feel the need to exceed normality.   
Life itself, Is our biggest challenge, yet our best competitor, which makes us unbalanced   As children, Were born with “life” as our Inspiration
Its not always understood that maybe your cultural views and religon, tend to get in the way of many things.
I'm crying in my crib and I reach to feel your warmth that radiates the most when I need it. Mom Come pick me up.
Education, a thing we take  advantage in this generation.
My body fills with joy as the grease fills my mouth, I know that in an hour it will come out my south. Friends to my left and friends to my right, we bought enough meat to last us a fortnight.
It’s music note coming at you Throwing these facts down so you’ll understand where I’m coming from I mean the point of me stating these facts
My heart is beside me, I am dying.  This room has turned black and stillness grows on.  My chassis slows and I die while flying.    These last thoughts go to paper as they dawn, 
Words, they are a wonderous, miraculous creation.  They bring about many emotions in people, from melancholy to elation.   Why people would ever bring themselves to use these to hurt others, from someones grandparents, and even their little brothe
Watching raindrops fall from out of my window As tears fall upon my pillow My heart it aches Because I've tried and tried...what will it take?   I wear my heart on my sleeve.  
Of all the beautiful things in this world, I have never encountered anything-- Anyone as wonderful as you, by far.   The purity of your nature. Innocence; So sweet yet mature.
  Forget not the blood I shed, The crown of thorns placed on my head, The nails that pierced my feet and hands, And the prayer of forgiveness for you I said.   Forget not why I had to die
People are animals. We, once domesticated creatures, now are on a destructive regressive path. We are ending our own world. We are cracking our mother's heart with the pollution of our industries.
As the sun fades away The sky turns to gray O' dear, I can only say, "See you tomorrow morning star" We look back in time To where we had our best and worst times Wish we had a time machine
“Life sucks. Then you die.” Said a father to his son The father was bored at the son’s baseball game The father never came to another one Only one vacation to the shore
“No. No. No. We are not like the other cells We are sophisticated and superior, living in houses and hotels No drinking via osmosis, but pull water from wells And we are called to worship God by the church bells”
I was always taught never seem weak Always act strong To always fake that smile And laugh like nothings wrong But right now I think about those hard times I got through
Like an object at rest I remained Although a force was acting upon me There was no reaction of mine To the change that had happened What a strange phenomenum of science I was I didn't react when I should have
Darkness falls and all are sleeping All but one At midnight a door opens to the night Two bright eyes peer out Out of the slumbering house leaps a young girl eager to start the dance
A Friend like You Written in pen, Sealed with a kiss. If you are my friend, Please answer me this. Are we friends or are we not? You told me once, But I forgot. So tell me now,
And so they remember, what it's like to dance in the rain. Let the walls drop, laughing at the world.
Manda tu luz y la verdad que me dirijan por el camino correcto Por tus moradas iré sin temor a nada porque tú eres perfecto Publicare cada detalle del amor que tu medas tesperare y te alabare más y más
I want a Son I want to witness my baby boy’s birth. I want to show him his promise, his worth.
I feel lost Like a tree in a city 10 feet from my closest friend But only able to say she’s pretty And I can see the people walking by
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