Poem for Twist and Shout Slam


You want to hear about

Something uplifting?

That's something

That's supposed to

Make you feel good, make

You dietarily regular, make you

Want to eat yogurt and dance on

The heather to Johnny




Sorry, but that's not how I swing,

Call me grim, call me heartless, but

The only thing that really uplifts me is my lady.

Used to I could get away with a good piece

of ironic literature, post

20th Century. Maybe a little Herman Hesse on

the side. Now I got the blues? It's "Me and Mrs. Jones,"

Or nothing. No eat less drink more, no Hallmark anything,

And don't you dare tell me to read Brontë. No Brontë.

Just gimme some time and some lovin'

And I'll be fine, just fine.


I really hope someone talks about how

Part of their fall to Earth is somehow



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