Words, they are a wonderous, miraculous creation.  They bring about many emotions in people, from melancholy to elation.   Why people would ever bring themselves to use these to hurt others, from someones grandparents, and even their little brothers    is something I don't think i will ever learn in this life    Because all anyone is trying to do is just survive, and then one sharp word cuts you down like a knife,You stumble to the ground, woozy, wondering " why am I even alive"? Following this comes more words, filled with even more spite, wicked, vile words  that lash out at you for days on end  As you walk by, words run through your head as well,  "that ain't right"  If this is a phrase that comes across your mind, then please,   show others who have been hurt what it means to have a friend.When you see a person who has been beaten down  like a man of old age, Be the cane by their side and support the elder sage.   Whenever someone has a reason to just give up and crawl in bed to die  be the person who gives them a reason to live and tell them their reason is nothing but a lie  Be a good person. Be a better person to others. And your life will be the best.


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