A Heart Unkissed

Crimson cool droplets
Slide, join, part
Interweave, interlock
As precise as darts
Unseen to me
Visible to those behind
Your fingerprints still linger
But, you, you're out of sight
What's left of you
Is the handle yearning for your touch
Asking to be pushed a little further
Asking to be twisted such and such
My back starts to be coated
Warm, warm, warm sensations
My head tries to make the connection
But it's slowed, as if on medication
No, no, no, no,
No it can't be you
No, no, no, no,
No, stop, it can't be true
It rings in my head
Please, please, no, no
Of all people on this earth
You? No it can't be so
"Stop kidding yourself
You saw the knife enter
You looked through the mirror
Saw yourself back stabbed by her"
Yet how do I accept it
The truth as foreign as the knife
Cutting me in places
Not accustomed to the light
The truth is I'll never
Ever, ever, accept it
The truth, the knife
My head, heart, flesh will never submit to it
I gasp for air
For sanity, for reasons
But Im hand-fed excuses
Coated in treason
With a taste so sweet
I can't resist
Somehow takes away the pain
In my back, that still exists
You alter my mind
Make me tear it apart
Trying to find an explanation
Is like pinpointing a dart
Some say words don't carve
But then explain to me this
Why is there a knife in my back
And a heart unkissed


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