Because when...(Written in Terza Rima)

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 19:23 -- G4RY-

My heart is beside me, I am dying. 

This room has turned black and stillness grows on. 

My chassis slows and I die while flying. 


These last thoughts go to paper as they dawn, 

I write down my words so they can transcend. 

And be raised like a beautiful young fawn.  


Words of whom will grow to gallop, defend 

Against the negative, teach: bravery, 

To love on and write like not bend. 


I write not to promote chicanery 

As though I'm a politician from Dis. 

No, I invoke the most fierce vagary. 


I write to offer my own mind some bliss,

I write to free my mind of all of this. 





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