The Planned

Sat, 08/16/2014 - 21:15 -- Rionnab


         Pain has brought me to the fear of being alone now. These are words that may, NO, can never escape my lips. They need me to be strong. I can't let them see me cry. Why you ask, because my strength is all they got. My life was planned to go this way and though it hurts I must be brave. I never knew how unhappy I was until I saw how happy I could be. I try not to seem depressed. I've gotten pretty good. I'm something like an actress. I guess. They say never write down what you don't want others to know. But this is my escape from the real world. Go ahead and read if you please. But in the end please don't feel sorry for me.Because my life was planned for me to someday succeed. That's what I say but I haven't learnt yet to believe.


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