The Rose

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 17:47 -- jazxox

I blush the color of a pink blossoming rose when I think of how you’re in my life. I could travel to a thousand mountaintops and none would make me shiver the way you do. If life has predestined paths for all of us, the one that led me to you was guided by rose petals, the scent of lavender oils burning with wisps of wind that kiss the moonlit night. Your flesh was created for the ridges in my hands, and the curve of your body molded by the softest stone. Eyes shimmering like a galaxy undiscovered and not fazed by beauty, or human hands swimming in a bright white eternity. With you, I don’t have to think. I only have to listen, and you’re there. And in these infinite galaxies, we’ve been soul searching and that’s when I finally found you amongst the stars. And we’re there, in every possible existence we can be finding each other and nobody else could make me as happy as you have, even if that happiness was short lived. And when you left all the roses died, and I was okay not seeing another rose again.

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