Of all the beautiful things in this world,

I have never encountered anything--

Anyone as wonderful as you, by far.


The purity of your nature.

Innocence; So sweet yet mature.

Your eyes, I feel as if they look

Right down into my soul.


Reaching into the depths.


Finding the essence of my spirit.

It resonates in your gentle hand.


Those piercing, yet gentle eyes.

Probing; breathing life into my heart.

It's love had lain dormant before you appeared.


I find that I am lost in these blue, blue iris'.

Swimming my way to your heart.

Yearning to immerse in your love.

To bury myself forever into your soul.


How strong can this feeling be?

Would you return the affections back to me?


Just thinking of such thoughts

Makes my heart thud madly against my chest.

It conveys the intensity,

The fierce desire for you.

My darling.


Deep down I know this to be true.

My love not a secret...


Eternally for you.


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