Wed, 03/05/2014 - 16:04 -- arepple

Right when Im feeling high,

and im lifting off the ground,

you look up into the sky,

and you reach and pull me down,

Youre like a tick without a feeling, 

youre a parasite I swear,

and no matter where I go, 

you track and trace it isn't fair. 

I am tired of the pain,

what you caused I can't forgive,

I hope a bullet hits your brain,

because you don't deserve to live.

It's unstoppably annoying,

how you fester like a sore,

with my vengeance I'm not toying,

I'll beat your ass, it's not a chore.

And until you stop to bother,

and until you stop your shit,

I will never call you father,

and my hunt I'll never quit.

What is funny in the end,

but some would call it sad,

is that my friends and my coaches,

have replaced you as my dad.

I hope its the alcohol,

and I pray its not your pride,

if it is, go chew and swallow,

some fucking pills of cyanide.

There is nothing left to say,

Fuck it, dude I have said it all.

Just know that I don't play,

and your "kingdom" is going to fall. 


Ha! thats funny Pops, 

you say youre gonna open up a can.

But I know what's gonna stop you,

its cause deep down youre not a man,

and if you really want me in it, 

than a fight I will pursue,

until my final dying days,

you'll be in an Eagle's line of view.

But you know, its cause your back,

and excuse you will proclaim,

when I drop you like a habit,

and then scream and shout your name,


"Look motherfuckers, hey look over here,

this dude is Geno Epple, and he's daddy of the year!

hes the best of the best, but if by best you mean a bitch?

Then he's a cut above the rest and hes a scratch I plan to itch.."



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