Isn't This What You Had Hoped For?


Watching raindrops fall from out of my window

As tears fall upon my pillow

My heart it aches

Because I've tried and tried...what will it take?


I wear my heart on my sleeve.


My pages are full with everything of me

Open to the world, all eyes can see

Open book baby

Come around and see what you want these words to be



Do these words make you jump from your feet?

Do these words make you drop to your knees?

Every stroke of my heart beats across thick parchment

Splayed out;dripping off corners onto hard cement


Used and abused, we're both confused

I've been taken for granted

My words shut out, my feelings abandoned


Paper lie lifeless, all love washed away

A love left unclaimed

Without any shame


These words blur together

Feelings washed away in this weather

Isn't this what you had hoped for?


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