Poetry about Donald Trump

Jessica Drew is hiking on a cold day when she sees something bad;
The supervillain named Lady Deathstrike wants to kill the X-Man, Wolverine, and I'll tell you why;
Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, and Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, have gotten married, which is great;
A supervillain named Titania is terrorizing the male fans of President Donald Trump; Titania is a skank and a chump.  
A supervillain named the Tarantula is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump; The Tarantula is a jerk and a chump.
The impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump was initiated by Nancy Pelosi, which is true;
A widow hires Power Man and Iron Fist to search for the supervillain named Sabretooth, which is true;
The faggotty supervillain named Deadpool has kidnapped the politically incorrect people and President Donald Trump's fans;
The supervillain named MODOK is turning President Donald Trump's fans into liberals, which is bad;
The Democratic extremists have kidnapped the Daily Bugle reporter, Betty Brant, and I'll tell you why;