Poetry about Donald Trump

Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, and Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, have gotten married, which is great;
A supervillain named Titania is terrorizing the male fans of President Donald Trump; Titania is a skank and a chump.  
A supervillain named the Tarantula is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump; The Tarantula is a jerk and a chump.
The impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump was initiated by Nancy Pelosi, which is true;
A widow hires Power Man and Iron Fist to search for the supervillain named Sabretooth, which is true;
The faggotty supervillain named Deadpool has kidnapped the politically incorrect people and President Donald Trump's fans;
The supervillain named MODOK is turning President Donald Trump's fans into liberals, which is bad;
The Democratic extremists have kidnapped the Daily Bugle reporter, Betty Brant, and I'll tell you why;
The Wealthy Man made a blunder Did it again No need to thunder for he'll soon be six feet under.
Thank you for building the wall Thank you for separating families Thank you for killing my people