Poems about Politics

A status, a tweet, a video posted, All about candidates still getting roasted. A twist and a turn, then add an insult.
What can I say about the American Civil Rights movement Actions for equality, freedom, and civil improvement
Equality is important with civil rights because it means being treated equally. Civil rights are important to all Americans.
black people are still suffering from the shackles of civil rights we still face racism and discrimination its wrong why cant a black per
Looking down upon the mighty reflection Never points me in the proper direction
History is full of firsts the first election in which blacks could vote
Well, African Americans, at least I believe since I am one, think that the world still has a ways to
It is evident that the country is fighting for a change Racial equality is still an issue in our nation
Some say it started in the 60s and yet still possesses no end. But for Molly who frolicked in the 50s, one could argue it
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