A supervillain named Titania is terrorizing the male fans of President Donald Trump;

Titania is a skank and a chump.


When Peter Parker finds out what Titania is doing, he changes into Spider-Man;

Spidey swings through the air, searching for Titania, as fast as he can.


When Spider-Man finds Titania and the evil girl sees him, she tries to attack the hero;

Here are other things that you should know.


With his spider-sense, Spider-Man avoids being attacked by Titania, as you can see;

Spider-Man attacks Titania with complete impunity.


The battle ends when Spider-Man beats Titania into the ground;

Spidey spins a web on Titania while she's lying down.


Spider-Man calls the police, so they can arrest the evil fink;

Titania really stinks.


President Trump's male fans thank Spidey for saving them and here's something else that I'll say;

When the police arrive to arrest Titania, Spider-Man swings away.


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