Ode to Donald Trump

Thank you for building the wall
Thank you for separating families
Thank you for killing my people
Thank you for making my people suffer
Thank you for being "so nice"
Please try to separate my family
You think that I'll let you
Well your wrong
Thank you for putting my young brother and sister in cages
Thank you for making the world a disaster
Without us you wouldn't be fed
Thank you and your people for being terrorist
Thank you for giving white cops confidence
Thank you for setting a good example for your family
Thank you for making my people scared to go out
Thank you for making up lies
Thank you for the bad vibes that come to mind when your on TV
Thank you for not realizing that we are human too
Thank you for your parents who are dead
What if they were still alive would you deport them too
Thank you for encouraging the hate towards LGBTQ

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world





I stand in solidarity with you. Seeking amnesty is not illegal, not s crime. Thank you.



Annette M Velasquez

Your use of irony and sarcasm is very effective, because the message is actually the opposite of what your words say.

Annette M Velasquez

In my earlier comment I did not intend for the word "sarcasm" to be negative, rather that it is a great poetic tool. Like irony, it employs wordplay- by saying " thank you" your meaning was just the opposite... like calling someone heavyset " tiny" or saying " beautiful prisons" - it is used by many of the greats. Keep writing!

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