Poetry about Donald Trump

Open letter to congress and the whitehouse Solly Olivares  I am a policy junkie so this is how I know all this stuff
Hang em from a tree Tie em to a noose You build our penitentiary's We build your schools
We walked a path, but not together You walked it while danger slept You walked it in sunny weather
a new poll shows that 47% oppose to kapernick's protest 32% support his stance this is a numbers game
Ya Know These Days... " What I'm Seeing "... Is... WAY Beyond Believing...... ?!?
I used to follow the crowd, Together, they speak up loud. The media started a fire,
Normal -What a powerful word.It’s something we expect to happen for everything.
I open my eyes this morning  To cry so many tears  Then deal with so many fears.  I open my eyes and 
At Empire State University, some liberal students are bullying another student who's a fan of President Donald Trump;
The supervillain called the Molten Man has kidnapped the fans of President Donald Trump, which is bad;