The Democratic Extremists

The Democratic extremists have kidnapped the Daily Bugle reporter, Betty Brant, and I'll tell you why;

It's because Brant is a fan of President Donald Trump and that's no lie.


When Peter Parker finds out that Brant has been kidnapped by the Democratic extremists, he changes into Spider-Man, as you can see;

Spider-Man is amazing and always will be.


While swinging through the air, Spidey uses his spider-sense to find the Democratic extremists, which is true;

Saving Brant from those criminals is what Spidey will do.


When Spider-Man finds the Democratic extremists' lair, he breaks in;

The Democrats are always full of sin.


Spider-Man crawls on the ceiling, searching for Brant, and I'm speaking honestly;

When Spider-Man finds Brant tied up, he jumps down and unties her, so she can be free.


When the Democratic extremists see Spidey, they try to shoot the hero;

Here are other things that you should know.


When Spidey avoids being shot, he spins his webs on the kidnappers' guns and snatches them away from those fools;

Democrats will never be cool.


Spider-Man beats up the Democratic extremists and webs them up, which is smart;

Spider-Man always has goodness in his heart.


Spider-Man calls the police and tells them where the extremists are;

It would be wonderful to see a Democrat get hit by a car.


When the police arrive to arrest the Democratic extremists, Spider-Man swings away;

The amazing Spider-Man has saved the day.


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