The Bat Couple

Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, and Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, have gotten married, which is great;

It's wonderful that Bruce had chosen Barbara as his mate.


The supervillain named Bane is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump;

Bane is an asshole and a chump.


When Bruce and Barbara find out what Bane is doing, they change into Batman and Batgirl, as you can see;

The Bat couple search for Bane and I'm speaking truthfully.


When the Bat couple finds Bane and the villain sees them, he tries to attack the heroes;

Here are more things that you should know.


While they're wearing their advanced combat Batsuits, the Bat couple fights Bane;

This villain is totally insane.


Bane is defeated when the Bat couple severs the tubes that pump Venom into his bloodstream;

Bane was no match for the Bat team.


President Trump's fans thank the Bat couple for saving them, which is cool;

The Bat couple calls the police so they can arrest Bane, who's also a fool.


When the police arrive to arrest Bane, the Bat couple go away;

The Bat couple have saved the day.


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