Poems about gender

So... Moving On …………….. It’s Time To Go Beyond Corona Virus Songs...
Some violent girls are chasing a man and I'll tell you why;
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. I didn't realize that because I'm a guy I'm always in the wrong,
This is the way you put on makeup;  you wear it everyday to become “beautiful”; 
The world we live in has created the entity of a man and woman  Both have a lack of judgment that created a halo effect 
I have lost all whom I thought would stay I let my guard down only for you to pull the rug away
If Caeneus was alive He would stand with all the kids The one who wave their flags
I waited for her here.
Artemis  doesn’t actually care if you’re celibate.  
My gender is a writhing thing in the corner