Poems about Bullying

Tell me this is not real please say it's not real These tears say it all so don't ask how I feel
He's a stable smithyThinks his genius words are pithyAs he pounds, pounds, poundsInto the night.
Dedicated to all victims of bullying, which include girls & boys of all age
i jumped on my bike as fast as i could but not fast enough, it did me no good
Everyone has experienced it at one time or another.
Am i boring? Am i just a back up plan? Am i just an object to you? Do i even mean anything to you?
Bullying hurts, don't you see? You are nothing, But a big bully. Don't you think of what could have been?
Why do you let them talk to youlike that?Why can't you just fight back?She had said, because
Normal -What a powerful word.It’s something we expect to happen for everything.
for people to tell you 're wrong doesn't mean you are