Poetry about Donald Trump

Deutsche Bank is a universal bank that's headquarted in Germany; Deutsche Bank is controversial and always will be.  
He is quite round and not very tall, But he’s the most fearful creature of all. 
When I understood why people that looked like me were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’
E. Jean Carroll is an advice columnist and a journalist and I'm speaking truthfully;
American lawyer and writer, Michelle Obama, sucks and what I'm saying is true;
The New York Times is a newspaper that's based in New York City; The New York Times is controversial and always will be.
The supervillain named Doctor Octopus is attacking the supporters of President Donald Trump, which is bad;
I used to play dress-up And not on Halloween During the middle of the summer
Spews out the maw bare n paws size of a bear yes, him Donald Trump with maniacal glare
Nipsey Hussle was a songwriter and a rapper in the United States; He was known for making mixtapes, which were great.