Poetry about Donald Trump

Now It's Clear That I’m A... Creative Dude... But I REFUSE To Choose To Let WILD Talk Loose... !!!
So Who’s REALLY CLEAN In Our Societies... ?!? When It’s Clear Now That Money Is MOSTLY... DIRTY... !!!!
So... Corona Movements And Now Education... Are Creating A World of CRAZY CONFUSION... !?!
Day after next-generation' when love happens onacauion!  My president is a patient!  COVID-19 
Open letter to congress and the whitehouse Solly Olivares  I am a policy junkie so this is how I know all this stuff
Hang em from a tree Tie em to a noose You build our penitentiary's We build your schools
We walked a path, but not together You walked it while danger slept You walked it in sunny weather
a new poll shows that 47% oppose to kapernick's protest 32% support his stance this is a numbers game
Ya Know These Days... " What I'm Seeing "... Is... WAY Beyond Believing...... ?!?
I used to follow the crowd, Together, they speak up loud. The media started a fire,