A widow hires Power Man and Iron Fist to search for the supervillain named Sabretooth, which is true;

Killing her husband because he was a fan of President Donald Trump is what Sabretooth would do.


Power Man and Iron Fist search for Sabretooth, who's a vicious assassin as well;

Here are other things that I'll tell.


When the team finds Sabretooth's lair, they break in;

Sabretooth is always full of sin.


When Sabretooth sees the heroes, he tries to attack them, as you can see;

Power Man kicks the villain in his face immediately.


When Sabretooth is knocked down and gets back up, Iron Fist uppercuts the villain with his super energy;

Sabretooth is defeated by the duo, which is wonderful as can be.


Power Man and Iron Fist call the police, which is smart;

Those two are experts in the martial arts.


When the police arrive to arrest Sabretooth, Power Man and Iron Fist go away;

Those heroes have saved the day.


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