Poetry about Donald Trump

The supervillain named Captain Nazi is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump; Captain Nazi is a jerk and a chump.
To whom it may concern I think that any Bigotry,  Ignorance,
The 2020 Donald Trump presidential campaign is an ongoing re-election campaign by President Donald Trump, as you can see;
The supervillain named Hydro-Man is gonna kill President Donald Trump's fans and I'll tell you why;
Teetotalism is the practice of complete abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Alcoholic beverages really stink.  
Is it a lynching? Is your body hanging like low, strange fruit
Elijah Cummings was a politician and I'm speaking honestly;
A supervillain team called the Super Feminists are attacking the fans of President Donald Trump;
The world is starting to change something i dont like/ what happen to just man and women now theres different types/ grown man want to b
Demigods Demagogues Shamelessly Proudly Praying or preying, Crowds high on disdain But,