Poetry about Donald Trump

The California homelessness is addressed by President Donald Trump, which is true;
  Shed the skin of the colonizer As if it is not also mine  
Actress, Debra Messing, sucks and what I'm saying is true;
The Equality Act is a bill that was passed in the US nation;
Odyssues roamed around the streets of brooklyn The smell of the breeze was where he was secured in
Baltimore sucks and I'll tell you why; There's corruption in that city and that's no lie.  
Unhinged is the name of a book that's written by that Democratic bitch, Omarosa, which is true;
The martial arts Muslim is hiking on a sunny day; He notices something horrible and here are more things that I'll say.
Deutsche Bank is a universal bank that's headquarted in Germany; Deutsche Bank is controversial and always will be.  
He is quite round and not very tall, But he’s the most fearful creature of all.