Captain America Battles MODOK

The supervillain named MODOK is turning President Donald Trump's fans into liberals, which is bad;

When Steve Rogers finds out what MODOK is doing, he gets mad.


Rogers changes into Captain America and drives his motorcycle, searching for MODOK, as you can see;

MODOK is super intelligent and always will be.


When Captain America finds MODOK and the villain sees him, the battle begins;

MODOK is always full of sin.


Captain America battles MODOK and hopes that he can beat the villain, which is true;

Stopping MODOK from controlling President Trump's fans is something else Cap hopes to do.


Cap uses his shield to protect himself from MODOK's mind-beams, which is great;

MODOK is someone that Cap really hates.


When MODOK's organs wear out, Cap beats the villain, which is cool;

MODOK will always be a fool.


Cap makes MODOK release his control on President Trump's fans, which is smart;

Cap always has goodness in his heart.


When President Trump's fans are free from MODOK's control, Cap calls the cops;

MODOK is also full of slop.


When the police arrive to arrest MODOK, Captain America gets back on his motorcycle and drives away;

Captain America saves the day.


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