Poems about Health

today's dark without you, b everyday that i want you to be here, you aren't. it's just me, mom
What’s happening to you? Are you afraid to fall? Will you be able to stand up again? You know very well you won’t
I'm gasping for air, Pushed underwater; Living on used air. Suffering silently; My invisible scars,
We dated for 24 hours I feel like a coward New boy at school Walks in the room I think he's real cool
These thoughts inside my head Only come out when im alone in my bed Aint never felt like I was a part of somethin
*This is a poem based on the black plague that spread through Europe in the mid-14th century.   It started in Dorset and spread
When I was little I ensured everyone I had the loudest scream One that would shake the world
Broken thoughts deep-minded no sweet kindness can't achieve my dream if i don't keep trying speechless by to many things so i'm gone keep
There’s things In my mind I sometimes struggle to find things like who I really am
I am broken, shattered. My body on the ground;Bloody and beat; I am punished, pained. Myself is the one who hurts; I am the one who's hur