Poems about Health

What she had, she released, Trampled and beaten in the dust;
Under a soft blanket she smiles to herself, It thickens, it grows, she chokes, “let me go,”
I am jealous of the shower For it gets to cry whenever. It has its reasons to weep.
I was on the trampoline
I wish i could  feel you tucked beside me   Wrapped up tightly like a blanket to keep me warm Atleast  one more moment  to  take it all i
I could have given you roses but you’d want sunflowers.I could have given you water but you’d want it tainted. I could have given you war
Some times i wish you’d come back to the place it all  beganBack home to the place where our hearts were smothered with loveOur lifes fil
 I hate that I love so deeply. I hate that I care so passionately.I hate that I dream so large , I always get let down.I hate that I can’
I wish i could make you see the pain ive feltTo  understand me and what i doThe nights i spent alone praying to god to save meThe days i