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Dreams of cold skin and release Gentle thoughts seem to bring peace To be free of chains binding to this place To swim freely through reality, time, and space Never needing my next breath
I’m not gone lie  nights are a little lonely when you’re not there  No laughter No exchange of I love you No call 
life is a beautiful gift it is just like a lift life is given one time  so enjoy it every second because it will be long gone in to unreturning done it is like a game which has been played
a twig of emotions snapping, seagulls bleedding and flapping, hunters and the animals they´re trapping, the bear hibernating and napping,   Life is life, Life is a shoe box, Life is pretty,
Walking with the crowd, alone and down,That's what happens when you are not able to be found.  Emptiness resides inside, silence becomes vibrant,sometimes I become a clown, or just get drowned,And happiness is nowhere to be found.  Smiles resist e
wait a sec! Let's go back to then Oh! I see, what did you see then?  Worthless meaning now means a lot What do you tend to achieve? Who do you plot  to Deceive? Every memories we share are going DOWN
wait a sec! Let's go back to then Oh! I see, what did you see then?  Worthless meaning now means a lot What do you tend to achieve? Who do you plot  to Deceive? Every memories we share are going DOWN
wait a sec! Let's go back to then Oh! I see, what did you see then?  Worthless meaning now means a lot What do you tend to achieve? Who do you plot  to Deceive? Every memories we share are going DOWN
I always thought that life wasn’t as precious as it actually is. So as I tried to lose this precious life, I hit rock bottom, And I thought that it would be better for me and everyone until now.
Everybody is equal  No one is differnent Due to color or race We treat people equal   Love is Love We smile when we see it  We all love, it is a guarantee But it is up to you to believe 
They said, "Make your passion, your profession." Live it up and make it your possesion Hold onto it and bring inspiration It will also serve as your vocation    
Allowing.  Lifting.  Holding.  Nurturing.  Being.  Weeping.  Forgiving.  Love can hurt.  But it can also heal.  Love knows how to say sorry.  And knows exactly how to feel.  No questions, no doubts. No controls in sight.  Love is the answer.
All is good. All is great. The life of anybody, afterall, is not exactly easy to anticipate lying on my lounge, i think of my troubles. how they once touched me, making me sad. but;
The sun comes out, Glittering and proud, accompanied by a cry  of a plump healthy baby;
things that fall; joy ambition people opportunities  prides petals teardrops raindrops eyelids  shadows time the sun and the moon, tides  stars.
   I wouldn't be alive to ink the words The words that may wrench your heart And you wouldn't be reading with this solace If I haven't poured these words this soft 
Life is kind of like a burning candle. You let it burn and get to enjoy every single bit, You get to see what the flame can take. And you get to see when it will quit.
There isn't fault in our stars or fault in your self there was a problem with me and my self M Yasir.
I enjoy reading poems, They beget a sense of serenity. They put a heart alarmed at ease, Wrap in a fabric of peace and tranquillity.   Read the poems aloud, Savour your breath.
Is it okay to shed tears? Is it okay to get exhausted, or to be melancholiac?
Life   Life is facing the day through good and bad, life is facing your fears, how? Look fear in the eye and say “SCREW YOU!” life is hard, life is complicated, life is weird,life is hell.
The road to climb may start broad But gets narrower to the top A lot of times you get so high The position pricks you cause it's thinner And the weight ain't changed either But time heals and you get tougher
To live truly is to seek the greatest good for not only yourself, but also for others. To live backwards is to seek the greatest good for yourself, and evil for others.
Time can never be bad, It's the same hours for everyone Even for that kid And for me His eyes found that happiness where there was none And Mind found none where there was much.
It was something I can never forget, Not even in my dreams. Such a small kid he was But what he taught was not that small. I was wondering in search of happiness and satisfaction
your voice is nothing but the intimacy of who you are and what you want to be 
Do I've to pretend To be what am not Just because the world Wanted me to? I say NO! I'm not raised to be pushover No longer the baby girl Y'all once knew The one standing before you
Can we stop this pattern of self hate? It’s going around far too much amongst us all I must admit I am a contender in self hatred This inner disgust when I look at myself, Valuing the superficial over my health, 
Be aware before falling in love Fore it always brings sores Later which turn into storms with all the love comes a curse  With a prize No matter how hard you try  You may never rise again!
It makes you cry It makes you try It makes its self longer It makes you stronger It makes you jump
4 miles away I felt the oxygen leave your lungs I heard you beg for oxygen while you laid on the cracked pavement One shot was all it took for them to shatter my mentality
It all started when things were "No longer at ease", for Chinua Achebe,  He has to take it because it was like " Things Fall Apart".
               Catch 22I rather be mute, than misinterpreted Because I take pride in understanding. But the less I say gives off more of a-misunderstanding. 
I am here, I am here, but where is here? I remember a blue blurr cutting infront of my sights. A phantom perhaps or is it me losing my mind. I panic as I attempt to reverse time. Time stops, and so does my life.
Remember to feel  in that vacant heart Remember to see
Let me write these thought down out of my head Since speaking isn't easy But writing out these emotions Let me make instrumental Click Nothing sounds right So it's not good enough
What Shall I say about their senses, What Shall I speak about their Tenses, They're all above the God judgements, May be they are Gods of Themselves.
A lot of pain, a lot of passion and not in a forgiving’ mood 💯 
Being Gay, I was never actually happy, I was locked inside a cramped closet.  Being Gay, I was manhandled by my father, I was being belittled. Being Gay, I couldn't be myself,
Right now I am staring down Barreling  down Hurtling towards The same story and the same mistakes I have made for the past four years I know how it ends but I don't know 
Like a casual walk in the park I still feel I have places to go Things to do And people to see, but can they see me Am I really ready to be visible?
I think that if you let me, I'd treat you like the sky, I'd scrap book all of your insecurities and collage all your flaws.
Life is simple Life is hard Life is brilliant Life is dark   We always experience the brightness first
Life is simple Life is hard Life is brilliant Life is dark   We always experience the brightness first
It's time to make your decision nevermind those googly dull eyes  eyes front         tick-tock-tick-tick-drip    is it suppose to rain today? Focus. Sweaty palms, your heart beats the Tommy Gun, 
Moving forward Moving towards something that seems to be nothing but that’s all what life’s is really about dont stop moving keep at it shine as you go about it Grow flow
I'm standing in the middle of a field 
Before my mother came to this country, before my father chose drugs over his family, I was here. Before I was given a name, Before I touched this earth,  I was here. The experiences I been through,
It hits you like a train, Unexpected as a pain, Never in you life Had you imagined such a strife. But the hour has come. It's time to move on. What life has brought  Is nothing but a lot,
I’m a good person, with a bad past   Happiness could never last  Coming from a broken home with broken dreams      I never went through life with ease  I thought love was a scary thing
Chapter 1 I put on a pair of brand new sneakers, meticulously tying the laces. They’re plain white, and they feel light as air.
Bone Weary So dreary Just so you know I    Try It overcomes me, overwhelms me, all this overthinking Not today though Today I  rise above it, I soar, I find the strength To  put
No one warned me about the struggles of life Life doesn't get harder, it just shows its true self once we get to know it What's something that so many cherish and adore?
I am scared But I will push through I fall As they say I can't possible go far I am scared But I will fight through I am battered, torn and bruised They laugh as I crawl
Goodbye brokenness you no longer live in my heart anymore. You have lead me to make some irrational choices and to have people in my corner who want to hurt me.
When you looked at me, I knew we were meant to be. You warmed my happy heart, My young soul believed we would never part.   When we laughed at each other,
I think too many people fear falling in love.Thinking What if I fall too fastor too farand I land harder than I ever wanted to?What if,instead of breaking my leg,I shatter my heart?
I have always been afraid of aging This fear often has left me raging Funerals have always left me scared They left me with the burden to bare
I want to bathe in your beauty I want The Skelton key  to your Soul  I want to open every window  and Unlock every door Just to Feel the burn of your fire  While I Crawl over every coal
True love is neither  an anchor⚓️or a sail⛵️ it’s the subtle but strong  combination of both It can sense when you need to be slowed down, so you can enjoy everything that is already around you. 
Slow down... Take it one day, One day at a time.  Things will work out, Things will be will be fine. And just when they look their worst, Remember... Life has no blueprint, 
If you listen closely, You can hear the sound of the paper... slowly evaporating into the night. Loosing it’s battle  with the cherry on your cigarette. You take a long,  steady drag.
If you listen closely, You can hear the sound of the paper... slowly evaporating into the night. Loosing it’s battle  with the cherry on your cigarette. You take a long,  steady drag.
When life gives me lemons, I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry.  I do it fast because they die. I have a bucket of decay, And I pretend it’s okay,  That lemons always die, And I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry 
So many things I be want to slur So many thoughts I want to want to ask as time dies I keep it to myself, that is the best way to protect those around If I said everything that came to mind id be shipped off to a island,
Lie and cheat, unworthy soul Live and laugh this worldly world Weighted heart determines toll Will gates open or my life hurled
Broken Harts Nineteen year old mother, Father and mother don’t love each other? Father not around, Mother crying on the ground.
Depression Something that poems usually are centered around, grab your heart strings and strangle tears until you are dry with sorrow
From one of thirty six, to forty six thousand six hundred fifty six. Snake eyes in three, nearly impossible to see.   Not all is controlled by some self, Life is full of numbers,
There's much to do, with little time. There's much to change, Where do I stand?   What can I do? What should I do? Maybe something, Maybe anything.   Days are passing,
Life isn't easy, It knocks you down. Life isn't happy,  It makes you frown.   But life can be great, If you make it yours. Life can be amazing,  With what it has in store.  
See me... That's all I ask, Not for what I have but for who I am. See me as a person, Not as a product, I am not some thing, I am someone. A woman to be precise,
But is it me who can see or is it me who is blind? For I see better what is unseen than that which is seen. Is it me who is without feeling?  Numb to objectivity and awaken to subjectivity. 
Did you know that you can be who you want? You can do what you want? Why are we, as humans, afraid of being free? We are afraid of the truth. Of rejection.
Under my shirt is my skin under my skin is my heart under my heart, boiling water an ocean above flames.   The fuel, words a combination they call poetry metaphors and similes
Don't tell me how to think , cause i already think for myself Don't teach me how to act , i will act however i please. Don't show me how to live , because i want to live not survive
What’s the meaning of life Does anyone truly knowIs it all about finding someone Or exploring it on your own
The world strikes me with many obstacles, Many obstacles as time passes throughout the day. Looking towards the sun, I didn’t realize how much time
Days of confident smiles even with barely any teeth Days of continuous TV Days of no worries Days of playing outside for hours Days of confidence to do anything
Life's true teacher hides in front of our eyes, As my own realization came as a surprise. Through words I learned how to express, And words of poetry no less.  
We all get tired. We get sick. We all want to give up. We all want to quit sometimes. But that was never in God’s plan for us. As a young child life seemed so simple. I always thought this was the life. It couldn’t get any harder than this.
Love. A life without Others affection is a curse, Real family helps you sprout No feelings for meaningless merch.   Expression.
Life. Humaitys everyday tornado.  Filled with abstract concepts and profundites  that hold no bounds in interpretation.  Dimensions of space, the origin of life,  The base and purpose of time .
The flock finds nothing to worry about. For with the cold sun, It shall fly south.   The lion wrinkles not Despite its kindred loss.
What has been taught by poetry? I have learned much about the person called me. I have learned how to express myself creatively. I have learned how to set my thoughts free
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
Life, what is life? a cage, war, freedom or a peaceful place? It's how you take things in. A cup of glass is filled up, Over time it starts to get dirty, you can choose to change it or keep it the way it is.
So worried about what others see never allowing yourself to truly be free focused on the expectations of humanity
Life is unpredictable. At times, we'll be amazing. At times, we'll be on top of the world. At times, everything will go as planned. But, at times darkness fills our lives. Challenging our sanity,
I'm not the man behind the curtain, but the Turtle behind the Shell. How can I stop from being trampled on when I can't even stand up for myself? It's hard to stand on solid ground
You go out there and you fly  You're tired of people making you feel small. youre tired of feeling like you'll never amount to anything. But let me tell you, one day you WILL fly.  
this is no cliche says the DJ as he's playing songs
Woe is me, woe is me. I've stumbled upon a light. A light that shines bright. A light that no one else can see. A light that cativated me on site. Woe is me, woe is me. This light has seen black.
Another Day, Do what it takes. Missed out on your dreams, and Time's Up.
Nothing is safe, Tick tock, Not even your life, Tick tock, It will take it all, Tick tock, No matter how small, Tick tock, You won't even know, Tick tock, When it will go,
It was the chance of a lifetimeTo explore a far away worldFilled with endless possibilities
  In the freezing cold winter day, There's limited time for us to play. Today's the day, we win our cup, We'll scream and shout, and raise it up.   We are free to play and free to skate.
  To wait a second is a crime For in the big scheme of things Seconds add up to make a lifetime So don’t be convicted of wasting a day
What stops us from going after our dreams, desires, and hopes? Is it the fear of disapproval, judgment, or fearing that you yourself are wrong? Why is it that we live our lives in fear?
(While we're talking, envious time is fleeing: pluck the day, put no trust in the future) Live life to the fullest. We were born to die,
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