Love From Words

Life's true teacher hides in front of our eyes,

As my own realization came as a surprise.

Through words I learned how to express,

And words of poetry no less.


I found the written texts and studied them dear,

They breached my surface and my heart didn't fear.

For I had found the way in which I could say,

All of the feelings I needed to portray.


It wasn't long until I began to write too,

Hopeful that such an art would pull me through.

And seize an opportunity I knew I couldn't waste,

Especially after I got a taste.


A taste of love and the happiness it brings,

Such blissful feelings that make me want to sing.

These sensations I knew I couldn't let go,

And so my heart's creativity began to grow.


Through words I learned how to express,

My love for her, this I had to confess.

And when she learned from poetry what I had too,

Our new life together bloomed.


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