This is NOT a Cliche!

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 18:08 -- KRijo1

this is no cliche

says the DJ as he's playing songs

messing with my heart, pulling my wrongs

I don't know what's going on 

but you take me away

with the spirit of the muse

I am no longer afraid to achieve or lose

Because I've done better from time to time

so bring me to the light and play my song

just like lover's without sight

I wanna have fun and not worry

about the slightest fight

because I'm tired of being sad

tired of being mad

give me a chance, I promise it will be rad

this is no cliche 

says the DJ 

but I'm feeling it right

I might be in love tonight

but then again I'm young so why not take a chance?

I told the DJ keep playing music

today I decided to be free

free of being sad

free of being mad

trust me, I'm quite rad.



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