you is you

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 05:59 -- Aws

Can we stop this pattern of self hate? 
It’s going around far too much amongst us all 
I must admit I am a contender in self hatred 
This inner disgust when I look at myself, 
Valuing the superficial over my health, 
The need to trim and pluck and cover all of my flaws. 
The things that make me me I keep locked behind doors, 
Thinking if I lose weight I’ll feel better for sure.
But I’ve heard it from a model that they’re most insecure.


I’ve hated the fact that I’ve got really pale legs

And fat thighs.

But something I’ve learned and I know it is true, 
Is the ones who really matter will love you for you.
It shouldn’t matter whether you’re large or you’re thin,
The most important things all come from within you


Sometimes I don’t go out and be the best that I can be, 

Because instead I am overthinking it in my head

thinking of how you see me. 

What if I look stupid? What if my teeth aren’t white? 

What if my face is weird? What if my clothes don’t fit right? 

Why can’t I look perfect like the person on my screen? 

If I could be like that, I’d have better self-esteem. 

But maybe if i focused on the things that make me and the things that i can do,

We’ll realise that reality is only what we can make true.


Some of us are clever and some love being fools.

We are who we are and the earth needs every one, 
Because if we’re all the same, the world would be boring
So please don’t try to fit yourself into a little square

look outside the square

If someone doesn’t like you, that’s no reason to cry
Can you call someone a friend if they don’t know the real you? 
If they won’t defend your choices, why would you let them change you?


So let yourself be you, and let me be me. 

Ignore the ones who hold you back and one day they’ll see,
That you chased your own dreams, achieved all your goals, 
Lived so you had no regrets when you got old.

whereas they stuck in the same square

You only get one life, so don’t walk it in a straight line. 
Do the things that scare you, and let the real you shine.  
Your body is yours, so take the control. 
Speak out and tell your story, don’t let your story be untold. 
Your heart is yours to give so love who you want to.
Your life is yours to live, so let your true self come through.


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