Mon, 03/01/2021 - 20:10 -- Zach14

Life is kind of like a burning candle.

You let it burn and get to enjoy every single bit,

You get to see what the flame can take.

And you get to see when it will quit.


You let that candle live as long as it can, and realize its purposes,

And get to see when that flame gets to its close,

There’s times when the flame almost stops but resurfaces.

Those who wish to stop their flame, leave their loved ones with woes. 


If you stop the burning flame too soon,

Regret will take its place.

You’ll realize the peaceful times it’ll miss below the moon,

You’ll see the last time the flame and oxygen take their last embrace.


Please don’t take away your flame,

Because it will leave others forever wondering.

And it will be too late for you to realize,

That you can never take back this blundering.



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Our world


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