Falling Star

The world strikes me with many obstacles,

Many obstacles as time passes throughout the day.

Looking towards the sun, I didn’t realize how much time

was flowing around my soul. The soul that can’t find

it’s own path back into life. Lost,

lost like a teenager trying to find their place in life.


After a deep breath,

I looked around at the people passing by with their different faces

I see the pain, suffering, and regret in their lives.

Having two faces

one on the outside,

and one on the inside.

These people could not show what they really were.

I saw peaceful creatures,

transforming into monsters

trying to take everything else away from me.

Without a soul to give them,

I lost what I had left.  


Rotating my head to see the many different colors

this amazing planet has,

starting to fade away,

along with the happiness of my life

Asking myself,

why this is happening to me,

someone who wanted to protect

try to make friends who he would grow with,

until the day they all met their end.

I remembered something painful: I had lost someone close to me.

That person was a major factor in my life.


My sister treated me as with respect

looking back now,

she was the only one to lift me up in times of grief

When I was forcefully brought back into the reality

an intense shock of sadness rushed my body

She was the kind of person to walk into a room

have a smile so bright it made you strive to achieve and

fight back against impossible odds

It was because she was always there,

that I took her for granted.


The day she decided her own death,

I was finally able to see,

people do have different values.  

Years later,

I felt the pain that most people feel in their lives

Losing just isn’t fun when you don’t have a chance to fight back.

I wonder what my sister thought

when she was flying through the air,

but she wasn’t flying,

she was falling.

Falling into a world that wouldn’t give her back to us.

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My family
Our world
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