I wouldn't be alive to ink the words
The words that may wrench your heart
And you wouldn't be reading with this solace
If I haven't poured these words this soft 
Died that night a lover, still laying hopeful
What's the life of a lover? All devastated
If you're a human, you're already a lover
What awaits you is the pilgrimage 
That may lead to self-discovery 
How's a lover being with the love?
Exotic to him is a realm outside of his own
What he only knows is his love
Eternally, ready to be slain 
And, you know what's a lover's life?
Uncertain, unimaginably wrenched 
Who hasn't been devastated?
In this realm, none is untouched by love
That's a life,  a lover's life
All devoted to love.

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Our world
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