Falling in love

I think too many people fear falling in love.
What if I fall too fast
or too far
and I land harder than I ever wanted to?
What if,
instead of breaking my leg,
I shatter my heart?

My friends laugh at me
because I fall in love
Just not in the way you would expect.
I mean
not in the way you're "supposed to."

I've never been in a relationship.
But I wanna marry 
Every Single Woman
who gets lost in her music
who starts singing
at the bus stop,
on her way to work,
in the middle of the street.
Tuning out the world
for just a little bit.

I've never been kissed by a lover.
But the sun kissing my skin,
pulling me into her warm embrace,
dipping me in a pool of her golden glow
makes my knees weaker than any amount of
French kissing ever could.

I've never gotten a diamond ring that cost too much.
But I am surrounded by
priceless diamonds in the sky
every night.
Saturns rings wrapped around my finger.
Stardust in my veins.

I've fallen in love with life.
Fallen in love with the way the wind kisses my cheek.
Fallen in love with the leaves waving to me.
Fallen in love with mangos in the summer.
Fallen in love with the way a bath feels.
Fallen in love with 
everything good in this life.

I think I wanna marry it.

This poem is about: 
Our world



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