The Cave (Closet)

Being Gay,

I was never actually happy,

I was locked inside a cramped closet. 

Being Gay,

I was manhandled by my father,

I was being belittled.

Being Gay,

I couldn't be myself,

I was afraid others would exclude me. 

Being Gay,

I never knew I had rights,

I didn't know till I was fourteen.

Being Gay,

I was looked at differently,

I was judged by my family.

Being Gay,

I wasn't allowed to be happy,

I was forced to be other than myself.

Being Gay,

I taught myself love,

I needed to come out of my cave.

Being Gay,

I realized how special I was,

I felt different in a good way.

Being Gay,

I picked myself up,

I put my family down.

Being Gay,

I have many consequences,

I had to let myself free.

Being Gay,

I finalized my rights,

I finalized myself.

Being Gay,

I made it into college,

I will be finally complete.

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