Sacred heart

So worried about what others see

never allowing yourself to truly be free

focused on the expectations of humanity

Trapped on a path towards conformity

Your soul has the power to do more

Free yourself from the chains and sore

Because this life is pure and beautiful

With an open mind and heart that’s youthful

Wake up with too many expectations

Go to sleep with not enough appreciations

Tired, beaten up and broken hearted

To them that’s nothing, you just started

This life will make you feel like you’re at your wits end

Know you will never break, just bend

It’s hard to see the good in life when you’re only shown bad

Even harder to picture yourself smile when you’re always sad

Let my words see for your eyes

your happiest moments will be in disguise

Because you only see yourself in a picture or a mirror

Never in the moment when your joy is real and clear

I will never let you go a day without knowing

The beauty I see when your smile is glowing

When I see you time’s gone

I’d wake up anytime to see you, even dawn

It’s me and your sacred heart

Because nothing can tear our loving souls apart

My senses tingle and I know I’m home

You show me love no one can clone

Your eyes light a match on this starry fall night

With love so real I know we can fight

There’s one thing I know rings true

That’s you love me and I love you

Distance may try to fase us

Some will say this is just lust

My smile is tamless when we’re together

With you, my outlook on life is better

Opening my mind to new perspectives

Living my life a little reckless

Teaching me how to truly live

Making everyday a little more festive

Just from your company

Because that’s all I need with me


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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