Better Off Without You

When you looked at me,

I knew we were meant to be.

You warmed my happy heart,

My young soul believed we would never part.


When we laughed at each other,

I thought I could never find another.

The thousands of memories we had shared

Are ones I could never compare.


I feared that one day we would part,

And I would no longer hold you in my heart.

You said it would never happen, your words were true,

"There will always be a me and you."

But oh darling, look what you've done,

You’ve yet again lost another one.


I feared that one day we would come to an end,

But I hoped that you will still be my friend,

Until the reality blossomed in your mind,

And since then, we have not been fine.


I feared you would make yourself look cool,

By leaving me in the dark and making me a fool.

The real you has shown through.

I can’t believe I was ever with you.


All of these fears made me weak,

Which is what you wanted to reach your peak.

Since you’ve been gone, I have been stronger.

And guess what love? I don’t need you any longer.


I am independent, courageous, and strong.

I have learned my right from wrong.

You hurt me in so many ways,

But you don’t care, you found a new “bae.”


One day you will see,

How much I have matured,

With no vision of the pain I endured.

I will graduate college and receive my degree,

And become the person I’ve always wanted to be.


Thank you for being in my life,

But I wish it didn’t end with your strife.

One day I’ll find my love to be,

And I hope he’ll be the one to marry me.


So, this is it.

Goodbye, farewell, adieu.

I wish you the very best,

And May God have mercy on you.


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